Outfitting the Laundry Room

If you haven’t noticed – I’m in a bit of a holding pattern. The big issue – getting a building permit. I’m just not exactly sure what I need to actually get one, as far as plans, etc. go, and having to go to the county office on a weekday isn’t exactly an easy task for a working man.

While I’ve been putting that off, I’ve been doing a little demo here and there, but I’m at a point where if I take any more drywall down without being able to fur out the walls, insulate, and re-drywall them, we might freeze to death. And I can’t do that without having the new headers for the window, plumbing, etc. inspected.


So in the meantime, I’ve been shopping for materials. Drywall was on sale at Parr a few weeks back, so I ordered all of that and have a delivery scheduled for next weekend. I also ordered two of the three new doors (waiting to decide what size to make number three).

I went with a one panel shaker-style rather than the more intricate craftsman. I just feel like it’s a little more original, and with all of the other details that are going to be added, didn’t want to be over the top.

Found this photo of the same doors installed.

This is my dream of what the house will someday look like.

I’m torn between two door handle styles.

I really can’t decide, but think I’m leaning toward the more ornamental square version.

I also got a quote for the windows, which I plan to order next week. We’re going with Marvin Integrity windows – they’re REAL wood construction that is clad on the outside with a fiberglass material called Ultrex.

Before picking the Marvins, I did a lot of shopping, and was pretty much set on the Milgard Woodclad windows until I discovered that they’re basically just a fiberglass window with a 1/16” engineered wood veneer on the inside. Boo. Can’t be sanded and re-stained, and one scratch could do some serious damage. Oh right, and they’re insanely expensive.

So I kept looking and found that Marvin, which I always assumed was way out of our price range due to the true craftsmanship of the windows, actually had exactly what I was looking for, and they were less expensive than the Milgard or Andersen veneered windows. Also, by getting a quote at the Portland Home Show, I’m getting a “SHOW SPECIAL” discount… I won’t complain.

As far as the rest of the fixtures go, I need to take a trip to George Morlan and look at the showroom, but I think I’ve settled on this laundry sink. The apron sink I really want is about $800… which just doesn’t fit in the budget.

For lighting, etc., we’re going with your traditional exhaust fan, accompanied by two pendants – one on each side. The ones I really want from Rejuvenation are about $150 a piece, but I found these at IKEA for $29 a pop.

They’re not the color I want, but I have a plan… a lesson on that later.

There are still a few things left undecided – not sure what to use for the countertop material. I want to use granite, but since I’m not sure what we’ll use for the kitchen yet, and this room will be visible from there, don’t want to pick miss-matched stone. I might go with a stained and sealed butcher block.

And the cabinets. Need to get a hold of the cabinet guy to let him know I want to go with Fir if at all possible. Problem: I really hate talking on the phone, which is making me procrastinate. And I’m afraid of what the cost is going to be for custom cabinets.

We’re getting closer. Once the building permit is taken care of, things should start moving pretty quickly.

In the meantime… Door handle opinions?

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