A Roof Over Our Heads

So, I got this letter in the mail this weekend.


I knew our permit was about to expire, but this put the pressure on. But really, now that the sink is in, there are only a few projects to complete before I can call for final inspection:

  • Roof on door overhang
  • Step below door
  • Overhang soffit
  • Exterior light
  • Crawl space access in pantry
  • Bring house up to fire code (read: add 400 smoke detectors)

This weekend, I finished almost everything. My old man helped me put the roof on the overhang.



I installed all of the tongue and groove cladding on the underside of the overhang


Built a step below the door.



And installed the exterior light.


I had a minor panic attack when the brad nailer/air compressor I was using for the soffit cladding tripped the GFCI interrupter without me noticing, and the lights inside/outside stopped working. I thought I’d hit a wire with a nail as I was installing the last few pieces of siding, and I had a mild panic attack imagining having to remove the drywall to replace it.

But, when I regained my senses, I just hit the reset button, and like magic, we’re one step closer to being finished.


Look at that craftsman charm.


  1. Ashley said:

    Craftsman charm is the best kind of charm! Nice work

    February 4, 2013
    • Kevin said:

      I’ll second that. Thanks, Ashley!

      February 4, 2013

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