I’m Kevin. I’m a normal guy – have a day job, a wife (Helen) and a dog (Bella). After about two years of searching, in July 2009, Helen and I purchased our first house. We picked the house because we loved the location, loved the neighborhood, and loved the size of the yard. It was also as “move-in ready” as a house built in the sixties can be.

And then, about six months after we moved in, I got my hands on a sledge hammer. And we haven’t looked back. From my first project fixing the leaky toilet when we moved in, I’ve learned a lot, and acquired a lot of tools, making each job a little easier. Since then, we’ve knocked quite a few projects off the list:

We have a lot left on the list – the kitchen, the addition of a master suite and third bath, and a whole lot of landscaping, but the house is progressing. And with each project, it feels a little more like our own.

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