Aloha, Hawaii; Hello, Miserable Oregon

If I’ve been absent, it’s because two years ago last Monday Helen and I got married. Well, that’s not the reason I’ve been absent, but the events that surrounded our 2nd anniversary are. You see, in early July, Hawaiian Airlines was featuring a crazy sale. So I told Helen, and said we should go. Her response: No. The reason: I have exactly two times as much vacation as her, and she wanted to save her days. After about two weeks of begging, she hadn’t budged. “Plus, it’s too expensive.”

But you see, it really wasn’t.

And during my begging phase, she said, “I’ll only go somewhere if it’s cheap and I only have to take two days.” Which I heard as: “Sure, honey, book it.”

So I did.

But I didn’t tell her. Her colleagues knew and had covered her work for her, I booked half of our hotel stay using reward nights and got a great rate on the remainder, and the plane tickets were bargain basement. So last Monday, after being secretly giddy with excitement for about a month, I broke the news.

The initial reaction was slightly different than I’d pictured, but after realizing work was taken care of, it was relatively affordable, and the bedspread on the hotel bed was white (thanks Hyatt), the tears shifted to those of joy and excitement.

And so on Thursday morning, we boarded a flight to Honolulu, and five hours later arrived in paradise.

But paradise came to a screeching halt when we arrived at the hotel.

“Oh yeah, the union workers [housekeeping, etc.] are striking,” says the shuttle driver as he pushes us out the door.


Greeeaaaat… But when we arrived at the front desk, we were informed that the hotel was completely full, and because we are Hyatt gold passport members, they’d upgraded us to the Regency Club, with a mountain/partial ocean view floor on the 39th floor.

Regency what, you ask? Regency I forgot people were even screaming at me when I walked in the front door, that’s what! You see, with this club status, we gained a complimentary breakfast, access to a VIP lounge, as well as evening cocktails and hour d’oeuvres.

So we checked our bags at the front desk, and while we waited for the management to make our bed and clean our room because the housekeepers were picketing, we headed to the pool. Where we were greeted by 5 Malibu girls and some guy operating a bike with a blender built into it. The idea: You pose with some babes, blend your own drink by pedaling the bike, they take photos to use in marketing materials, and you get a cheap drink and free t-shirt.

Brilliant. So I did it.

And it was fantastic.

And so our vacation began. The following day, because beautiful sun and free drinks aren’t enough, we decided to go to the spa. We’ve been pretty pleased with the Hyatt spas in the past, which beyond the white bedspreads is actually why I chose this hotel, but it wasn’t as luxurious as their other locations, so we went shopping around. Across the street at the Westin, we found a much more relaxing spa, almost reminiscent of Le Blanc Spa Resort, on a smaller scale.

With all of the amenities.

So we booked. And at 7 p.m. we had massages with the ocean breeze passing through and the sound of waves in the background.

And when we returned, since the Regency Club was closed, we treated ourselves.

The following two days were spent by the pool, with a brief outing on Sunday to Diamond Head National Park.

After a quick, hot hike with plenty of stairs and a few tunnels, we made it to the top. And oh the view…

Followed by a night or two on the town/in the regency club lounge .. (the view of waikiki from Helen’s perspective… wooooah regency club drinks)

A little time before our departure by the beach…

And ten a quick trips to the Honolulu Cookie Company for some “souvenirs”…

With the cookies packed away, we took a short bus ride back to the airport (behind some nasty kid from Seattle who was hungover and kept puking… can you say CAB?!)…

And after five hours in the sky, we arrived to find a car parked into mine… Only minor damage, but please!

And it was cold. And today there were torrential downpours. And all I want is to go back to Hawaii.

P.S. our hotel room had this:

That’s all.

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  1. Amy said:

    ummmmmm oscilating?!?! wow that’s quite a bidet….also, sweet t-shirt. 🙂

    September 9, 2010

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