I’ve prepared quite a few coursed meals in our kitchen now. Every year for New Year’s we host a group of 8-10 friends for a 5-course extravaganza. It’s always been frustrating to not have enough counter, refrigerator or oven space. But never quite as much as with this Thanksgiving, when I realized this kitchen is just not set up for a large meal, where multiple components need to be hot at the same time, at different temperatures, etc.

It was only natural that after Thanksgiving, I decided it was time to get my butt moving on finishing the mudroom so we can move onto the kitchen. So I bought myself a paint sprayer – a Graco Magnum X5, which was just reduced to $269 at Home Depot. It had the best reviews, and Graco is a well-known name, so I went for it.

I also bought some pre-catalyzed lacquer to finish off the interior doors like a pro. But about 5 seconds before I started spraying it, I decided I better figure out exactly how to clean it out of the sprayer afterwards. Good thing I did, because it turns out most DIY or homeowner sprayers aren’t meant to shoot lacquer, as it’ll gum up the hoses and o-rings. I’m assuming they don’t make them for lacquer for number of reasons (including that minor one where you can blow your garage up w/ the highly flammable spray). Read More The Bathroom Has a Door Again.


I love finish work because when the doors start going in and trim starts going up, you can really start to appreciate what you’ve accomplished. But I’m also a perfectionist.…

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