Almost two years after demolition began on the laundry room, we finally have a utility sink in the house again.

But this is not just any utility sink. This is a luxury model, created by yours truly.

As I was shopping for sinks, I realized that like the washer box, laundry sinks haven’t really evolved. Not sure when it was decided that laundry room fixtures should be second rate, but it’s definitely a trend.

To make up for the failures of the plumbing industry, I found a pretty reasonably priced utility tub, and made plans to pretty it up a bit by undermounting it and adding a high-end faucet. Read More One Step Closer

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After my last post, I’ve been dabbling in the mudroom here and there, hanging drywall on the kitchen-side of the wall – so we at least have some separation –…

Read More Plumbed and Wired

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