It’s been so long since I started tearing the mudroom apart that I had to go back through my old posts to see exactly how long it took me to complete. Turns out: a little over 4 years.

When you consider that somewhere in there we had a baby that’s a little more forgivable, but still, people build houses in less time than it took to finish the thing. Read More A Mudroom Four Years in the Making

Finish Work Shelving/Cabinets Tiling Trim/Molding

We’ve been thinking about refinancing the house. Which was great, because it motivated me to get moving on the mudroom. Open permits + half complete construction = low appraisal. We’d…

Read More How not to lay tile.


It’s been a month since I last posted. Oops. But I had good reason, I promise.  I think you’ll agree after reading this little overview of what I’ve been up…

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