Deck ya later

Between putting up the paneling in the nursery and assembling the crib, I decided it was finally time to tear out our back deck. When we first moved in, we cut the part around the hot tub out because it was super rotten, and was literally built around the hot tub, making it impossible to repair.


Then we repaired the hot tub. For about a month. And it broke again. And then I sold it on craigslist to a guy who made his four children help him move it out of the back yard while I watched, waiting for one of them to get smashed.


And then the rest of the deck just sat. And rotted. And grew an impressive slug and spider colony under it. Until it got to the point that walking across it became like a game of Wipe Out waiting to happen right in our back yard.


I started by trying to pull each entire board up, one by one, but it required a lot of energy, and it was extremely hot outside. So then I took the circular saw, and just simply ripped through the boards on each side of the joists. Easy peasy.


And then I nearly died. And Justin came to the rescue with some 10 Barrel Swill, and we tore the joists up and tossed the whole thing in the dumpster.



After a little pressure washing, we have a nice patio.

Also, I saw the landscaper that works at my office wearing boots like these, so don’t judge me… it’s what the pros do, okay?

It’s a little cracked, but no slugs, no spiders and no more worrying that I’ll fall into a sluggy spidery abiss every time I fire up the BBQ.


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