Fall’s Follies

We’ve been running non-stop for the past few months. A trip to Hawaii, followed by a weekend in Los Angeles, this weekend we’re going to Orlando, and between all of that, various celebrations, etc. etc.

Well, it caught up with us. And by it, I mean sickness. Helen is currently hacking her head off in the kitchen making chicken noodle soup, and I’m in a sinus-pressure induced daze. Wonderful.

But beyond all of the snot and phlegm, I actually accomplished quite a bit around the house in the past few days.

Starting with the drywall around the front door. After the whole-house mess that resulted from the earlier sanding, I decided I’d bite the bullet and finally just tape off the area. So I bought some 4 mil plastic sheeting, taped off one section at a time, and crawled inside to do the final sanding work.

While some of the dust still found its way into the rest of the house, the layer is much thinner than after most other projects. Can anyone guess what was sitting here:

With everything sanded, I sponged down the walls and vacuumed the floors, and transitioned the plastic sheeting to the floor.

And carefully taped around my newly stained and installed front door.

And the painting began. I started with a primer made specifically for virgin drywall. It helps seal everything and prevent the paint from just getting sucked directly into the wall.

So dusty…

With the primer applied, I moved onto the paint.


Thankfully, even though the previous homeowners sucked at pretty much everything else, they were smart enough to leave behind at least one quart of every paint color in the house – something I can’t encourage you to do enough. Even though a quart isn’t often enough to cover much, we at least know where the paint came from, the variety, finish (eggshell, gloss, etc.) and most importantly… the color formula. So when I need to do touch-ups, I can take the can to its respective store, like Sherwin Williams, and they can match the paint almost exactly.

With these touch ups, I simply used what was left, because the area to cover was so small. Starting with “chocolate pudding” on the main walls., followed by “starfish” to repair the inside corner. Now that I look at it, while it was awfully kind of those previous homeowners to leave cans of paint behind, they weren’t as kind with their color choices… hmm. NEXT PROJECT!

And with that… we’re almost done. I just need to re-texture the ceiling, fix the shelving unit, and apply some trim to the interior of the door, but with the painting complete, we celebrated. This week was my birthday, so we had a few friends over for drinks, dinner and dessert.

As you can see, I really dressed up for the event… and we desperately need a camera that can take clear pictures.

After we survived the rest of the week, we headed to Corvallis to hang out with the ‘rents and attend the 3rd Annual Septembeer Fest.

The fest has grown quite a bit in the past 3 years, but it’s still relatively small, and the price is unbeatable – entry, 2 tokens and an actual pint glass (yes, GLASS) cost $10, and you can get 12 additional tokens for $10… each token is redeemable for a 4 oz. pour.

Even with a stuffy head, I was committed to enjoying myself. And I did.

Favorite beer from the event: Block 15’s 6 Hop Wonder (how I wish they bottled).

Least favorite: Calapooia Brewing’s Shipwreck… I was enticed by the 10.1% abv, but the name turned out to be quite descriptive… ship wreck – overly sweet, syrupy, lacking any flavor other than malt, and… flat. Apparently it once won a”People’s Choice” award, but I have to think they were sampling outside of an AA meeting when the votes were cast…

And sadly, the keg, or the lines, or something with Ninkasi’s Total Domination were bad, because even though it’s usually one of my favorite beers, it was rank. My counterparts agreed. Bummer.

After Septembeer Fest, we headed to my parent’s house for a quick get-together, I got a table grape start and some sweet DIY-built planters for my b-day from my sister and bro-in-law.

Reclaimed cedar!!

And then we headed home to rest. And harvest hundreds of tomatoes. Green tomatoes, because our summer sucked and now with the rain, the slugs are ready and willing to eat anything left in the garden.

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  1. Mommy said:

    Your wifey should be quite proud of the excellent job you did on the remodel…Your parents sure are!! And your tomatoes, green or not, are HUGE.

    September 27, 2010

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