Filling the Void. With Paint.

It’s going to be a while before I really get into the kitchen wing remodel, so being the serial DIYer that I am, I needed something to feed my craving.

So this week, instead of breaking down walls, I put my mind to updating them.

Our bedroom has been this terrible yellow and peach combination since we moved in. At some point, someone actually took the trouble to paint three walls cat pee yellow, and then, even went to the trouble of painting an accent wall an equally offensive color.

We talked about painting when we moved in, but talking is as far as it’s gotten. And for the past year or so, we’ve kind of just dealt with the uriney aura.

But, I started thinking more about it, and on my way back from Florida earlier this year, decided it was time to fix the problem. So I picked out the new color, made lampshades to match, and about two weeks ago, bought the comforter I’d been eying during a Restoration Hardware friends & family event.

Before I could put the comforter on the bed, though, Helen said I had to paint.

So it’s been in it’s package for a few weeks, and finally, on Sunday, I bought the paint.

Benjamin Moore, the paint of pros.

I started by removing all of the hardware – curtain rods we never use, outlet covers – and filling all of the unnecessary holes with spackle. Seriously, if you’re going to paint, take the time to do it right. Nothing annoys me more than sloppy lines, paint on electrical outlets, uneven walls, etc.

While that was drying, I started taping – around the doors, windows, ceiling and base boards. On the ceiling, I used a paintbrush to go over the tape at the wall/ceiling seam with the ceiling color to seal off the edge. This prevents the wall-colored paint from seeping under the tape and making an unclean line.

Everyone has their own method of painting, but once that was dry, I went around the edges, painting around the doors, windows, along the ceiling and base boards, and each of the corners with a paint brush.

Once that dried, I applied a second coat, and then started filling in the rest of the wall with a roller. Again, 2 coats.

I let the three main walls dry overnight, and then taped off the corners for the accent wall. Like the ceiling method, using the same color as the main walls, I sealed the corners to prevent seeping.

With that dry, I went around all of the edges again – sides, floor, ceiling, window, with the accent color – 2 coats.

I filled in the main portion of the walls with the accent color and removed all of the tape for perfect, oh-so-clean lines. Pushed the furniture back into place, unpacked the new comforter and voila: From 60’s style nursery to cozy, modern, adult bedroom.


The only problem? This can only hold me over for so long.

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