Fixing the Kohler Toilet… For real, this time…

Our main toilet has been a pain since we moved in – running off and on, pretending to be fixed for about 5 days, and then running even worse than before. For the past two months, after the last attempt at fixing it, when I got sprayed in the face by the fill valve, we’ve been turning the water off after every flush to avoid having to pay an outrageous water bill.

Realizing the problem wasn’t going to be fixed, I did a little research on the Kohler service website to find out which part I needed to replace. Turns out the old fill valve, part 75422 (left), has been replaced by a new and improved model, GP1138930 (right)…

Probably a sign that I’m not the only one that’s been having this running issue with a generally new toilet.

So I ordered the part from (saved me $6).

Not realizing how easy it was going to be to replace, I put off the repair even after the part had arrived, but before we had overnight guests last weekend, I decided we should probably have an operational toilet.

So I turned off the water at the wall and held down the handle until all of the water from the tank had drained.

Unscrewed the fill line from the valve and  loosened the plastic nut on the bottom of the valve.

Placed a container below the hole, and lifted the valve out of the tank.


The reverse process was just as simple.

Adjust the height of the valve to fit the toilet and add the rubber gasket.

Place the threaded end of the valve through the hole.

Tighten the plastic nut and reattach the fill line.

Then, inside of the tank, attach and align the bowl fill line.

Turn the water on.

Adjust the fill level by turning the knob on the float.

Most toilets have a line on the center tube that comes up, telling you how high the water should fill, but because ours has been running over for quite some time, the line had disappeared. I just adjusted the float until the water came to about 1 inch below the outlet.

Check for leaks and voila.

Fixed toilet.

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