Getting Serious About The Mudroom

I took this week off of work to make some headway on the mudroom conversion. Mostly, I discovered I had an extra week of vacay, and need to use it before it expires, so I thought this would be as good a week as any to get to work.

The main goal for the week is to remove the two old windows on the north side of the house, add the exterior door, get everything sealed back up, and maybe begin on some of the electrical and plumbing.

We’re at a place now where all of the interior walls have been stripped to the studs, so after picking up the windows today, I really just needed to start taking off the siding. I started at the corner, taking off the aluminum edge caps.

These will be replaced with trim when all is said and done, so I wasn’t too careful when I was taking them off.

Then I went inside and wherever I could, I tapped the siding nails back out by hitting them from the inside.

With those nails popped on the outside, I removed them and then started carefully prying at the top lap. The old cedar lap siding has been baked by the sun, wind and rain for the last 50 years and was a little brittle, but I think I’m going to be able to salvage about 70% of it, which is great because it costs a pretty penny to replace.

As I took off each board, I numbered the back of the board and the underlayment, so I know how to put everything back together. There will likely be a lot of additional cuts once we add the door, but the numbers give a general idea of what goes where.

Progress today was pretty good. We’ve discovered now that the house didn’t have insulation, but when I took off the siding, I also noticed that they only used a moisture barrier to cover where two pieces of underlayment butted against each other. Yikes. Also, I can’t really capture it with a photo, but with the siding off, and the interior walls torn out, it’s shocking how much light comes through… in case you had any question, they definitely seal homes up better now than they used to.

Tomorrow I’m going to be taking out the interior casing around the vinyl windows and staining the interior of the new windows. I can’t wait until everything starts coming back together. It’s going to look so amazing.


  1. Mommy said:

    Dad is quite proud of your perseverance, and no matter how long it takes, or how difficult it got, you never lost your temper. The payoff will be a very lovely home when you are done.

    May 21, 2011
  2. grace said:


    May 22, 2011

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