Laundry Room Demolition: Phase 2

The last few weekends have been devoted to the demo of the laundry room. My parents came up over President’s day weekend, and Pa helped me with some of the big demo – the base cabinets, the wall between the laundry and living room, and the framing of the new entry to the pantry.

We started with drywall removal:

Like the insulation in our exterior walls? It’s foil. Yes, tin foil. It’s even branded – Reynolds.

Then we moved into tearing out the backsplash, disgusting old laundry sink and the countertop.

With the countertop gone, I was expecting we could pull the cabinet out in one piece, so Pa could use it in his office, but we discovered it had been built in place, and  was impossible to remove without destroying it.

I found some mold in the corner and about lost it, but realized it was just residual from before the bathroom had been remodeled.

I cut the drywall out around it so the spores wouldn’t just be floating through the air, and to make sure there really wasn’t any water damage hiding out.

We were safe.

We then changed gears entirely and measured out where the new wall will go for the pantry entryway, With the chalk lines snapped, I taped the laminate to avoid chipping the surface that would remain for the time being, and got to work cutting out the flooring.

First the laminate, and then two layers of ugly vinyl later, we had the layout plotted.

We then cut the drywall out, and removed enough of the old wall to frame in the new entry. We also took out a portion of the ceiling, drowning ourselves in cellulite insulation from the attic, and then started framing the wall.

Let me tell you, after a full day of demo, we had a hell of a time getting the math and angles right for this wall. But finally, after a few beers and a brief snack break, we got it.

With the studs up, we called it a day.

And now we’re ready for the next step – tearing out the remainder of the drywall, furring out the walls, roughing in the new plumbing and electrical and adding insulation. Real insulation.

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