Lessons in Mirror Hanging

Remember when the bathroom mirror cracked, just weeks after I had installed it? And when I spent a day removing it, and massively scarring the drywall behind it because I’d been an idiot and used an entire tube of construction adhesive to glue it to the wall?

Yes? So do I. Sure as 1,000 shards of mirror littering the floor.

Well, after nearly two months, thirty coats of drywall mud, 4 sanding pads, a gallon of paint, and a $20 IKEA mirror, the bathroom is looking better than ever.

If I only would have just shelled out the $20 to begin with.

There are a few morals to this DIY story: 1. Never be a cheapskate and attempt to salvage a mirror that has experienced a trauma… it will have weak points, even after cutting off the broken pieces. 2. Never…. I repeat NEVER… affix a mirror directly to drywall with construction adhesive. Use Any. Other. Method.  If/when it breaks, or you want to renovate your bathroom, removal will ruin the wall and likely your life. 3. Drywall repair sucks. No explanation needed.

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  1. Mommy said:

    It is gorgeous!! Well done, even if it’s the second time around.

    January 10, 2012

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