Making things pretty again.

Since the tile went in (the second time) a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had a renewed motivation to finish the mudroom. Helen was away for five days for work, so while she was gone, I spent my evenings finishing the drywall, rather than lounging around like we usually do.

After filling the house with dust when pulling up the tile, I decided to tape off the end of the house while sanding the drywall to avoid making a huge mess.

With a Dexter-like shield in place, I spent five days taping the drywall seams and corners, putting three layers of mud on all of the tape and nail holes, and sanding everything perfectly smooth.


I have a real problem with textured drywall. I feel like it cheapens the look of a home. The problem is, keeping drywall smooth requires a lot of extra finish work because without texture, EVERY imperfection shows.

And as usual, after I thought everything was smooth, I applied a PVA primer to seal the virgin drywall. When the primer dried, I noticed a few spots that weren’t smooth. So I re-mudded and sanded them before painting.

For the walls, I used leftover paint from our bedroom – Benjamin Moore Abalone. And for the ceiling, I went with a leather-ish color – Grey Squirrel – from the now discontinued Martha Stewart line. I’m usually a Benjamin Moore loyalist, but the BM paint store isn’t exactly in a convenient location, so for the ceiling, I just picked a color I liked at Home Depot and had it put into a Glidden base. I was actually really impressed by the paint. Even with a dark color, it only took one coat for complete coverage.

With the paint dry, the lovely Rejuvenation Lombard lights were installed, and the washer and dryer re-installed to their permanent location. Hopefully for the last time.


It’s all coming together! The next step is to build the cabinets, stain and install the interior doors, and replace all of the siding on the outside of the house.

Anyone have advice on where to get cabinet-grade plywood and sheets of fir veneer in Portland?


  1. Reuben said:

    I really like the dark ceiling and the light fixtures. Very unique.

    February 20, 2012
    • Kevin said:

      Thanks! The dark paint makes the ceiling feel a lot higher than it actually is.

      February 21, 2012

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