Nighttime Ninja

When I woke up this morning my ankle hurt so bad I couldn’t walk. I was seriously concerned that I had a stress fracture or something (this ankle has been injured quite a few times, so is a bit of a weak link). I called the Dr. but couldn’t get an appointment until tomorrow, so around 11 I decided I’d leave the office at about 3 and go to immediate care.

But after keeping my foot elevated (read: on my desk with my shoe off), by 2 it was barely sore anymore, and now, it’s miraculously healed. It’s barely even stiff. Apparently my body magically cured itself. Weird.

When I got home this afternoon, I was strangely motivated. Usually, after a day of work I just want to sit on the couch, eat dinner and watch bad TV until I fall asleep. But since I had a bit of energy to spare, and a half-stained front door, I decided to get to work.

With a few chicken breasts and corn cobs on the grill, I got to work. I started by taping off the siding, threshold, etc. to avoid getting stain all over the place.

(Note the Bella barrier in place)

Then, when that was done, I sanded the door smooth to remove the hand oils, etc. that had gotten all over it during installation. With the dust all vacuumed off, I applied a coat of Minwax Pre-Stain wood conditioner.

While that was drying, I scarfed down some dinner and then headed back outside to stain the door before it got dark.

I barely made it. Halfway through Helen had to bring me a lamp, but the finished product is no less glamorous than if it had been finished in broad daylight.

We’ll see what tomorrow evening brings, but all that’s left now is to apply 4 coats of urethane and our front door will finally be complete. Wish me luck…

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