Progress and Plumbing.

The week off was pretty successful. I got all of the siding off of the house, we took out the old window in the laundry room, got all of the plumbing done, and even moved the water heater from the pantry to the garage – something I hadn’t planned on doing until the next phase, but we decided that while we were under the house we should just do it all at once.

Although we didn’t get the new windows or the door in, as I’d hoped, we made pretty good progress.

The water heater… Now you see it:

Now you don’t:

Its new location:

Window and plumbing… Here:

And gone:

We spent most of last weekend under the house, which is about my least favorite location in the world, but it had to be done, and now almost all of the rusty old galvanized piping in the house is replaced with pex, and the corroded old sewer lines with ABS, a big upgrade.

I still have to insulate and support all of the piping before I call for inspection, but we’re in good shape.

It doesn’t really LOOK like we did a lot, since most everything is hidden under the house/in walls. And while we actually did accomplish a lot, we still have a lot of work to do. I’m working on staining and sealing the exterior door right now, and plan to install that and the windows on Sunday/Monday.

Looking forward to getting all of the gaps closed up… the house is a liiiitle drafty.

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