Siding, Windows and Doors, Oh My!

I love finish work because when the doors start going in and trim starts going up, you can really start to appreciate what you’ve accomplished. But I’m also a perfectionist. And that means putting everything back together is the most time consuming part of a project for me.

Even still, I’ve been making pretty good progress! Last weekend, my old man came up and helped me start putting the siding back on the house. It was a pretty straightforward project, but because each piece of siding is 10 feet or more, it’s definitely a job for two people, so I’d been stalling. Oh, and it’s been crap weather, so that had an impact as well.

But we made pretty good progress.

I still have to do the final few rows, which will require some tricky cutting. And we also need to get the overhang for the door mounted, but at least our house is protected by more than just tyvek now.

With most of the siding up, I started staining the windows. I really should have done this before they were installed, because the panes have to be outside of the frame for 6 hours at a time while each coat of polyurethane dries, but I was in a hurry to seal the house up – you’ve gotta take help when you can get it!

And I also started staining the interior doors.

Lesson: even if you order doors months before you plan to install them, clearly inspect all sides before storing them. When I got the cardboard protector off of one of them, the veneer on the backside was all jankety. But it’s been so long since I got the door, I’m pretty sure there was nothing I could do. I did a lot of sanding, and got most of the dings out, and it’s the back side of the laundry room door, so it’s not a huge deal, but it’s still disappointing (remember… perfectionist…)

In the last few days, I’ve also called around to get some prices on A-1 plywood and fir veneer for the cabinets. I think I’ll go with Parr, just because if you place an order over $300, they deliver for free and I don’t have a truck. Even still, I’m a little nervous because the materials alone will be over $600 and I’ve never built cabinets before. But I figure if the box-building goes horribly wrong, I can still call a custom cabinet guy to come build the faces and doors, and I will at least save a little on labor…

Anyone have advice on building cabinet boxes?


  1. NewGuy said:

    What brand and model are your exterior doors? Beautiful!

    April 8, 2013
    • Kevin said:

      Hey Cory – they’re made by OrePac and sold at a number of retailers (Home Depot, PARR Lumber, etc.) under the “International Millwork Products” or “Builder’s Choice” name. Ours are Fir with clear beveled glass windows, but there’s plenty to choose from.

      April 8, 2013

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