It’s been so long since I started tearing the mudroom apart that I had to go back through my old posts to see exactly how long it took me to complete. Turns out: a little over 4 years.

When you consider that somewhere in there we had a baby that’s a little more forgivable, but still, people build houses in less time than it took to finish the thing. Read More A Mudroom Four Years in the Making

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Between putting up the paneling in the nursery and assembling the crib, I decided it was finally time to tear out our back deck. When we first moved in, we cut the part around the hot tub out because it was super rotten, and was literally built around the hot tub, making it impossible to repair.


Read More Deck ya later


I haven’t written many posts over the past few months. It’s not because of a lack of activity. It’s just that, you see, the work I was doing was indicative of a slightly larger project that we weren’t quite ready to talk about yet.

Since returning from Whistler in March, most of the DIY activities around the house have revolved around turning the guest room into… wait for it…

The nursery. That’s right. Baby alert. Read More The Room Formerly Known as the Guest Room

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