That’s right… not only do we now have a sink, but we also have a countertop above the washer and dryer. No more crawling on top of the washer to rescue rogue socks and collar stays from the dust bunny abyss.

The most time consuming part of this project was sealing the butcherblock with Waterlox. But after it was sealed and cut to size, I just built a ledger around the washer and dryer, leaving about ¾” of room above the appliances so they can breathe (there’s water draining back there, after all). Then I hoisted the countertop in to place, rested it on the strips, and screwed into place using the fasteners that came with it

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Finish Work

Almost two years after demolition began on the laundry room, we finally have a utility sink in the house again.

But this is not just any utility sink. This is a luxury model, created by yours truly.

As I was shopping for sinks, I realized that like the washer box, laundry sinks haven’t really evolved. Not sure when it was decided that laundry room fixtures should be second rate, but it’s definitely a trend.

To make up for the failures of the plumbing industry, I found a pretty reasonably priced utility tub, and made plans to pretty it up a bit by undermounting it and adding a high-end faucet. Read More One Step Closer

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