The Bathroom Has a Door Again.

I’ve prepared quite a few coursed meals in our kitchen now. Every year for New Year’s we host a group of 8-10 friends for a 5-course extravaganza. It’s always been frustrating to not have enough counter, refrigerator or oven space. But never quite as much as with this Thanksgiving, when I realized this kitchen is just not set up for a large meal, where multiple components need to be hot at the same time, at different temperatures, etc.

It was only natural that after Thanksgiving, I decided it was time to get my butt moving on finishing the mudroom so we can move onto the kitchen. So I bought myself a paint sprayer – a Graco Magnum X5, which was just reduced to $269 at Home Depot. It had the best reviews, and Graco is a well-known name, so I went for it.

I also bought some pre-catalyzed lacquer to finish off the interior doors like a pro. But about 5 seconds before I started spraying it, I decided I better figure out exactly how to clean it out of the sprayer afterwards. Good thing I did, because it turns out most DIY or homeowner sprayers aren’t meant to shoot lacquer, as it’ll gum up the hoses and o-rings. I’m assuming they don’t make them for lacquer for number of reasons (including that minor one where you can blow your garage up w/ the highly flammable spray).

So, I was a little disappointed, as it meant I had to find a (much more expensive) waterborne lacquer. But I’m oh so happy I did. I went with Sherwin Williams Kem Aqua Plus Clear. It is seriously an amazing product. With the right tip in the sprayer, it went on like glass, and the doors look so professional, which I guess one would expect with a price tag of $70/gallon.

And finally, with the doors sprayed, I was able to install them on the bathroom, mud room and pantry. Rooms that have all been missing doors for about 6 months.

Look at those beauts.

Now… anyone in the market for a gallon of pre-catalyzed lacquer? I’ve got one…

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  1. grace said:

    wow wonder if it would liven up our front door

    December 6, 2012

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