The Great Wilson Wedding

We had another busy weekend. My buddy Josh got married on Saturday, so we had a few visitors in town – my dorm mates from my first year in college. Bobby flew to Vancouver from Ontario, and he and Nate drove down together for the big day.

Heather and Tyler joined the Canadians at our place for a barbecue on Friday evening, where we introduced the foreigners to the wonder of Portland beer with a sampling of BridgePort Hop Czar, Deschutes Black Butte Porter and Bachelor Bitter ESB – three of my absolute favorites. While the beer flowed, so did the stories – I have so many good memories with these guys, miss having them around!

The following morning, we took the guys to Screen Door, where they were introduced to biscuits and gravy (how can Canadians live without it?) and praline bacon.

After gorging ourselves, we came back to my place, and started brewing what is going to be an INCREDIBLE batch of IPA (more to come on this tomorrow). With the beer in the primary fermenter, we got ready for the wedding, and jumped in the car. Of course, we ran into traffic on I-5, due to the great northwest bottleneck, also known as the Columbia River Crossing, and after about 30 minutes, had only gone 5 miles.

We finally crossed into Washington, sped down the highway and ended up at the most amazing place in the middle of nowhere, Anderson Lodge. The wedding started about 20 minutes late, because we weren’t the only ones that had trouble getting there on time, but once it started, things flowed perfectly. Josh and Sarah said their vows, the most delicious carne asada tacos were served, followed by drinking and dancing.

It was an incredible wedding. Sarah made all of the bridesmaid dresses and her own dress by herself – pretty amazing.

Love these guys!

These ones too…

After a few hours of dancing, we hit the road, Heather at the wheel, and wound our way back to I-5. After a few pit-stops, (one for a “carsick” passenger (NATE), one to get gas, and another to pick up 4th meal), we finally made it back to Portland.

This morning we woke up, headed out for breakfast again, this time at the Black Bear Diner, and Nate packed up and headed back to Vancouver.

While Bobby, Tyler and Heather went to the art museum, Helen picked up some groceries, and I did a few things around the house – two more coats of sealer on the front door, dead-heading the roses…

We got back in the car, met back up with the art enthusiasts, and headed into the Gorge to show Bobby the beauty of Oregon. We headed to Horsetail falls, where we took a quick hike to the falls. Incredible!

After cooling off behind the falls, we headed to Crown Point…

and then to Edgefield to finish off the day with a few beers. ESB on nitro – perfection.

And now, the weekend is over, I’m more tired than when it began, and tomorrow begins the working week. Here’s to summer.

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