The Tricky Toilet

Two weeks after we moved into our house in July 2009, the shower in our main bath stopped running hot water. The problem? We have galvanized pipes, and the hot line at the old shower faucet had corroded itself almost completely closed.

So, we cut a hole in the wall behind the shower…

Which grew…

And after determining the problem, we shelled out a few hundred dollars for a new faucet and shower head, and fixed the problem.

With everything back in place, we turned the water back on. And then? The toilet kept running. Why? I don’t know, because it appeared to be fairly new. A Kohler low-flow, so I googled how to fix it and found a few answers, followed some quick how-to’s and it seemed to be fixed.

Until…. about two weeks ago. When it kept running and running, regardless of what I did. I followed the same steps as before, but no resolution.

So for about two weeks, we’d just shut it off after each flush at the valve. Until last night, when I decided I’d either fix it, or figure out what part I needed to replace.

So I shut off the water, took off the tank cover, disassembled and rinsed out the fill valve, re-attached it and turned the water back on. But apparently, in all of my experience with this particular valve, I got lazy and hastily reattached it, because about 30 seconds after the tank started refilling, the valve shot off and water, well it sprayed all over me, and the bathroom.  And with Helen laughing hysterically in the background, in a moment of panic, I forgot the difference between lefty loosy and righty tighty, and I turned the water up, instead of off, and by the time I finally shut the blasted thing off, there was about half-an-inch of water on the floor, and all over me.

Oh the joy of being a homeowner.

But, apparently, that’s all the toilet needed. Because after I mopped up the water, reattached the filler valve, and turned the water back on, the tank filled, shut itself off, and it hasn’t overfilled itself since.

But really, can you blame the thing?  I’d probably want revenge if people let their yellow mellow in me all day long too…

So there you have it, my not so helpful story of how I fixed my running toilet, mopped the bathroom floor and took a shower all at once.

the end.

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  1. Mommy said:

    Hilarious!! And that Helen was laughing! Sounds like it had a plug of some kind and you definitely blew out! LOL

    August 28, 2010

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