Turd-le’s Pace… Our Plumbing Nightmare

I’ve had some hang-ups over the last month – mainly related to inspections – which really delayed progress.  I passed framing with no problem. The electrical guy said, “you’ll fix this when I leave, right?” and gave me a pass, but the plumbing guy… oh the plumbing guy….

First round, I failed for some fairly honest reasons – wrong vent placement in the sink, lack of vertical supports for the lines, the typical amateur plumber stuff.

Second time, I used the “wrong” type of support. In fixing the sink vent, I’d installed an improper tee for the sink trap, which I had to replace. And when the inspector crawled under the house, he found that we’d reduced our 2” washer line to a 1.5” outlet to the main – the same line that the original washer had drained into for 55 years without incident. But now, with our high efficiency washer that drains much less water than “back in the day,” I needed to replace that 1.5” outlet because it might overflow… rather suspect, if you ask me.

So we had to venture back under the house and cut through the cast iron toilet stack, and butt into that with a 2” wye fitting to properly plumb the washer. The problem? They don’t even make the type of fittings we needed to do the job.

So after a few trips to Home Depot and a stop at George Morlan, we decided the only way to do the job would be to cut the cast line, and use a torch to melt the old lead joints apart so we could salvage the fittings.

Thankfully, after 3 hours in the back yard with a propane torch, the cast elbow was free. After another 3 hours and two fully charged batteries later, we’d cut the 1” lip off of the bottom of the fitting, and were able to attach Fernco hubs and the ABS wye fitting.

Long story short – it took one full day of nearly zero progress to make the change and bring the washing machine up to code.

But it paid off. The third inspection resulted in a pass, and the inspector even noted, “that’s down right pretty – like a real plumber did it.”

Now we can start the real process of rebuilding. With the crawl space securely sealed up, the next step is drywall – my least favorite job, second only to plumbing.

And sorry there are no pictures, it takes all of my energy to prevent myself from going ballistic while under the house.

Side note for the home brewers… the last three beers I’ve made have had a really medicinal taste to them – almost like iodine. At first, I thought it was the iodide sanitizer I was using, but I went with bleach for my last batch and it has the same exact taste. Any thoughts? The yeast? Too much iron in the water?

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