Where Demo Ends and Rebuilding Begins.

Since my last post, I’ve spent five days in Minneapolis and three in New York for work, but somehow, we’ve still managed to be pretty productive around the house.

Between trips, I removed the remaining wall between the kitchen and mudroom.

And then for my birthday weekend a few weeks back, my old man came up to give me a hand on some of the more labor-intensive projects.

The goal right now is twofold: get the electrical done so we can insulate the ceiling and walls, and get the insulation installed, so we can get the drywall out of the garage – all before it starts freezing.

We started with the easy job (naturally): ripping up all of the old linoleum and subfloor.

And then we had a beer. And went to Home Depot. And then when we couldn’t possibly put it off any longer, we tore down the ceiling, and with it… all of the cellulose insulation it was holding up.

There are no photos of this, because I’m trying to forget it ever happened… but Dexter would have been proud of my demo room set-up…

After cleaning up the mess, we located all of the old wiring, and began re-routing everything so lights, switches and outlets were in the proper places for the new floorplan.

Note: I bought rubber-insulated wire staples to affix all of the new wiring to the studs – thinking they would be super easy, safe, bla bla bla… turns out… they were a disaster. The rubber insulator absorbs most of the hammer’s impact, making them fold over, buckle, basically everything except for what they’re supposed to do… and in the process of beating the shit out of gently hammering one in, I hit a wire and actually caused a short… moral of the story: buy the cheap, regular, non-insulated wire staples…  you’ll thank me.

Once most of the wiring was complete, we started framing in the pantry, refrigerator bay, and new door between the kitchen and laundry room.

Success! With the framing secured and the new wiring in-place, we installed R38 insulation in the attic – something the house has been missing for the past 49 years.

Not quite sure I’ll make my deadline of Halloween for the electrical and plumbing inspection, but we’re definitely making progress.

Oh yeah, remember that mirror that cracked:

Removal was no easy task, but we’re on the road to recovery. More to come.

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  1. Mommy said:

    Cracks me up that you refer to Dad as “old man”. He called his Dad that, and Grandma Clara would get soooo mad at him….STOP CALLING HIM OLD MAN!. hahahahaha.

    October 19, 2011

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